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ASSAN AVIATION INDUSTRY is a group of companies operating in the defense and aviation industries in Turkey.

ASSAN currently works with many OEM companies mostly from the US and Europe in meeting the requirements of the Turkish Aviation Industry both military and civilian.

ASSAN is a proud supplier of life cycle solutions and long-term technical services for customers globally.

ASSAN provides comprehensive range of products and services to national defense establishments (Ministry of National Defense, Under Secretariat for Defense Industries etc.), government contractors and develops business opportunities for the requirements of the Military Defense Industry and Aviation Industry.

As a distinguished sales agent and a keen observer of the key tender operations, our company masters in the procurement and is a distributor and representative firm in the area of wholesale trade of a variety of products including components, spare parts, equipment, systems and sub-systems, ground, naval and aerial carriers and other military instruments fundamental to the military defense industry.

Furthermore, ASSAN provides spare parts to Commercial Airline Industry.

Our flexibility enables us to meet customers’ budgets as well as their stringent operational demands.



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